Return & Refund Policy

This policy page contains the following information:

1.Cancellation Policy: 2 Hours

We are sorry to know that you have changed your mind; nevertheless, please contact us via our Customer Service Mailbox at [email protected] to request that your order be cancelled. Please keep in mind that we will only accept your request if it is sent within a 2-hour period from the time your order was entered into our system. We apologize for having to dismiss your order refund request after this 2-hour period.

2.Refund and exchange policies are in effect for a 30-day period.

   Notonna strives to deliver the best of us to our customers since we value our products as much as they do. However, there are a rare instances where consumers may be dissatisfied with the delivered parcel; as a result, we have devised this 30-day Refund & Exchange Policy to address this issue. Please follow the instructions below to obtain a refund or exchange:

Step 1: Use the tracking number system to check the status of your parcel’s delivery to date. Any of your requests may not be ineligible if it has been more than 30 days since the tracking system recorded your parcel arrival.

Step 2: Determine if your request falls into one of the following categories (which are also the only situations in which we will accept your refund or exchange request):

-Design issues: Faded, incorrect color, misaligned, incorrect size, and incorrect design

-Product issues: The fabric is either too thin or too thick. The fabric isn’t quite right (too much polyester), Wrong size, incorrect variation Scratched.

-Shipment was late by an unacceptable amount of time when compared to the projected time range.

-Your tracking number indicates that your package has arrived, but it has not.

Step 3: Gather evidence in support of your request:

-High-resolution photographs showing the current state of your delivered item from various angles. It should show the dysfunction or damage that makes it difficult for you to carry out these steps.

-Screenshots of our store’s online digital receipts to confirm that you purchased the things from us.

Step 4: Send all of the proof you’ve prepared to our Customer Service mailbox at [email protected] using the “Send” button.

Step 5: Be patient and wait for our response within the next 24 hours; please note that responses are only sent during business hours. By then, you will have received additional instructions.

(*) Please note:

  • In this circumstance, a full refund will be given.
  • We will cover the delivery costs for any validated order exchange requests.
    If your request is approved, your refund will be delivered directly to your bank account (The one you used to purchase your order)
  • It’s possible that the refund will take some time to process. This time duration is entirely dependent on the policies and procedures of your card issuer. Please contact us via the customary email address: [email protected] if the reimbursement has been delayed for more than 2 weeks.

(*) We Will Not Accept Your Return And Refund Request If The Following Appears To Exist:

– The item(s) has(have) been used or washed.
– The item(s) have been altered in any way.
– The item(s) are in any way defective from the original and saleable condition unless the defect is our fault.
– The item(s) do not have the original tags on them.
– The item(s) have some redundant thread that can be easily cut/fixed.
– The item(s) have been altered in any way.

Please read more about our Shipping Policy if you have any issues about the status of your order.


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