The Best Sabres Jerseys through the Years!

Best Sabres Jerseys
Do you feel a nostalgic craving for live hockey? Let’s go on a throwback vacation. Throughout the years, the Buffalo Sabres have sported a variety of jersey styles. Certain modifications have been more significant than others during their nearly 50-year lifespan. Occasionally, the alterations were considerably smaller, but they still influenced the overall appearance. So, if you’re interested in learning more about the top Buffalo Sabres jerseys, read on and keep the following considerations in mind.

Blue Home Uniforms Currently in Use (2010-Present)

These uniforms are only satisfactory. The omitted piping improves the jersey a little, but generally, the dark blue is lost on TV and doesn’t stand out much, especially in the age where color shows up so well with today’s technology. These may work as a third jersey, but there’s a reason why Sabres supporters want royal blue to return. The fact that they were worn during the Sabres’  last playoff participation in 2011, before their current nine-season drought, and that Jack Eichel and Rasmus Dahlin made their NHL debuts in them were two redeeming features of these jerseys.

White Buffalo Head Uniforms (1997-2006)

For a new period in Sabres history, an entirely new style was created. It’s also so unique from anything the Sabres had worn previously – a brand design, color swatches, and most likely an attempt to modernize with the times – yet it’s quintessential late-’90s and will always be something fans hope the Sabres would resurrect for a match or two. These are nice-looking uniforms that strive a little too hard to combine traditional components like the shoulder yoke with modern stripes and cutting. In addition, the black version appears to be considerably crisper.

White Buffalo Head Uniforms

3rd Jerseys Buffalo Head Red (2000-2006)

The Sabres deserve kudos for creating a third uniform that is both distinctive and attractive. In hockey, there isn’t nearly enough red. For the time, this was a fantastic appearance. The crossing swords symbol was a modern-day reinterpretation of a traditional symbol. Its typography in the striping and the remainder of the jersey were both quite nice. Fans still wish the Sabres would release this now and then, and good luck trying to get one online.

Buffalo Slugs Home Jerseys (2007-2010)

You have to give the squad credit for the sleekness of the dark blue home variants with the buffalo slug, and you’ll see many young teams wearing identical dark blue replicas. These were highly fashionable jerseys at the time, and I always thought the black outfits were popular because they looked good. In addition, the numbers on the breast of the shirt were a first in the team at the moment.

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